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In the News
Fairness Doctrine & NPR
Legislative Talking Points: Feinstein to shut down talk radio? Before we do that, let's test the
Fairness Doctrine on government-funded media!
www.omnivote.com/Fairness.asp - Free

Immigration Bill Solution
Legislative Talking Points: Keep the immigration bill simple! Fund border enforcement & provide deferred
documentation! See how this works for you!
www.omnivote.com/Amnesty.asp - Free

Immigration Calculator
What's the cost to enforce current immigration laws? Find out here!
Now you can plug in your own numbers and see the results!
www.omnivote.com/UACalculator.asp - Free

Evolution & Intelligent Design Test
You think intelligent design has nothing to do with science? You think evolution
has nothing to do with religion? Take this test now to see how you score!
www.omnivote.com/IDTest.asp - Free

Immigration Reciprocity
What's wrong with the proposed immigration legislation? Hey, where's the
reciprocity? Come here to see the issue and let your Congressman know how you feel!
www.omnivote.com/Reciprocity.asp - Free



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