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Immigration Calculator
Total Cost: $47.16 Billion, requiring 115200 additional enforcement personnel.

The Results:
2400000 Aliens must be processed per year to handle 12 Million Illegal Aliens in 5 years.   That's 9600 per day.   The cost is $3180 per person.   Or, a total cost of $30.528 Million per day.   Which is $7.632 Billion per year and a total cost of $38.16 Billion in a 5 year program. It will take a staff of 115200 personnel to run this program.   If the suspects are detained prior to adjudication, it will require 288000 beds during the 5 year program.   That's 720 400-room hotels or 288 1000-unit apartment complexes, needed for 5 years.   The additional cost of detention, at $25 per day, is $7.2 Million per day, or $9 Billion over the 5 year program.  
By the way, that is 38.4 Southwest Airline Flights, or 9.6 Cruise Ships, operating round the clock.

That brings the total cost of the program to $47.16 Billion.

Number of Undocumented / Illegal Aliens (in millions). Plan to process these Aliens in years.   It will take hours of labor to investigate and locate each Alien at a cost of $ per hour.   It will take hours of court time to adjudicate each Alien at a cost of $ per hour.   It will take hours of labor deport each illegal Alien at a cost of $ per hour.   Additional cost to deport is $ per ticket.   It will take days of detention during processing.   Cost of detention (room and board) is $ per day.  


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Welcome to the undocumented or illegal alien or immigrant calculator. The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the costs associated with any program that plans to locate, apprehend, prosecute, and deport illegal persons in the United States. No political view, one way or the other, is presented here. As you may imagine, there are many other costs and benefits associated with the presence of undocumented aliens. There are also many other costs and benefits associated with any particular program to manage the territorial borders of the United States, Mexico, and Canada. It should be noted that many alternatives exist. You are encouraged to submit your proposed solution to the immigration problem so others can hear your thoughts and your voice may be heard by others.