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Fairness Doctrine & NPR

Whether you are for or against the Fairness Doctrine, it is almost a certainty that Congress will address the issue, with a strong likelihood that some sort of legislation will result. That's the topic of today's Legislative Talking Points!

Here's a point that Congressmen and women need to hear: PILOT PROGRAM FOR THE FAIRNESS DOCTRINE ON GOVERNMENT-FUNDED MEDIA.

This talking point is simple: Invoke AND FUND the Fairness Doctrine on all government funded media & communications for a pilot period of FIVE YEARS, with a freeze on applying the Fairness Doctrine to private-sector media during that period.

If you are FOR the Fairness Doctrine, this is a great compromise and a great way to work out bugs in the Fairness Doctrine legislation. The last time the Fairness Doctrine was applied it took nearly a generation before anyone dared to talk about it, let alone try to revive it. Now is not the time to make the same mistakes again!

If you are AGAINST the Fairness Doctrine, this is a great way to prove that it will not work -- without destroying private sector media (and putting our country's safety and liberty at risk)!

The message is clear. If the Fairness Doctrine has merit, the first place to apply it is on publically-funded media. This includes Public Radio, Public Television, advertising from government agencies. State, local, and school-district communications should not be exempt.

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