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Immigration Amensty

Whether you are for or against the Immigration Amnesty, it is almost a certainty that Congress will address the issue, with a strong likelihood that some sort dog's dish legislation will result. That's the topic of today's Legislative Talking Points!

Here's a point that Congressmen and women need to hear: DEFERRED DOCUMENTATION FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

This talking point is simple: Keep the current immigration laws, but enforce them! Provide a procedure for illegal - undocumented immigrants to defer enforcement.

If you are FOR amnesty or AGAINST deportation, this is the easiest way to make our system work for you!

If you are AGAINST amnesty or FOR BORDER security, this is the most practical way to solve our border problem without compromising your position!

The message is clear: Require undocumented aliens to register; registered undocumented aliens get the benefit of lower priority in our enforcement efforts.

Deferred Documentation Program - Key Elements
  • 1) Anyone who is "illegally" in this country (or, so to speak, "undocmented") is eligible for this program.
  • 2) It is required for any "undocumented" who is a parent of a U.S. Citizen
  • 3) Applicant is required to provide name, address where they reside, identification information (number, cousel id card, etc) from their home country. If they want to use a credit card, they can provide credit card information. If claiming as a parent of a U.S. Citizen, identification information of the US citizen children and any non-US citizen children.
  • 4) The fee for deferred documentation is $100 per month, payable quarterly in advance or by monthly credit card or bank account deduction. Failure to pay results in attempted collection, if not brought current within 90 days, the registrant is dropped from the program and must reapply.
  • 5) Applications can be filed on-line or via any post office.
  • 6) Registration is automatic, conditioned on the applicant having provided the correct information.
  • 7) Under the program, immigration enforcement is prioritized to: a) those not in the deferred documentation program, b) those who have dropped out of the deferred documentation program, c) by registration date, newest to oldest.
  • 8) For an additional monthly fee, a registrant may optionally subscribe to a health care program through this program.

If the estimate of 30 million "undocumenteds" is accurate, then this represents a potential tax revenue of $36 Billion per year. This happens to be approximately the estimated cost of repatriating 10 million illegals. More importantly, valuable statistical data can be gathered -- allowing specific school and hospital districts to know how many undocumenteds are being supported in their district. The optional health care program may at first appear to be simply a bone for liberals -- but is also an opening for charging non-citizens for social services in general.

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